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So here I am, sitting at my computer reading the Chicago Tribune online, and Janice said "the Fed-Ex truck is here" and this is what I got....

Fed-Ex guy was nice.

Look at the return address....

Looked like a Christmas card.

Yep, an invite for the Chicago Premiere of Public Enemies on June 18th. 2009 at the AMC River East Art Center. But the kicker? is the party after the movie....

I want to thank all the little people that....  OK, I'll shut up...

The Premiere Night

I was stopped by reporter Kathleen Quilligan from The Times and asked for an interview.


Fans get thrill as Depp arrives for 'Public Enemies' premiere

By Kathleen Quilligan
kathleen.quilligan@nwi.com, (219) 662-5331
| Thursday, June 18, 2009

CHICAGO | The instant he got out of the black SUV, it was obvious why the hundreds of people who were pressed against the barricades on Illinois Street were there.

"Johnny! Johnny!" Girls shrieked and cameras flashed as Johnny Depp, wearing sunglasses, got out of the vehicle, and waved to the crowd before making his way down the red carpet for the world premiere of Universal Studios' "Public Enemies," which stars Depp as infamous bank robber John Dillinger.

About an hour before the 7 p.m. screening began, the invitation-only guests invited to the event at the AMC River East 21 made their way into the theater toward will call including Crown Point Mayor David Uran.

"I'm told there's seven to 10 minutes that was filmed in Crown Point," Uran said, adding it was going to be interesting to see how other filming locations were made to look like Crown Point. He said that although he's excited about the June 30 screening of the movie in Hobart, that didn't compare to what he was about to see. "This is like the World Series."

Also entering the theater were East Chicago Police Officer 2 and 3, also known as Julio Lucotti Jr., of Chicago, and Roger Wiggins, of Westchester, Ill. Real police officers, they had been hand-picked by director Michael Mann to play policemen in the movie.

Being in the movie wasn't difficult, they said, after all they were kind of playing themselves.

"It was like second-nature to us," Wiggins said.


We clean up real good....


Our group was able to hang with Dennis Farina for awhile.


Met Rocky... I thanked him for bringing the Blackhawks back to TV.


After the Premiere and the party after, we wound up with Jim Golbeck and his sister Lisa at the Green Mill. The Green Mill was an old hangout for Al Capone.

Well after seeing the film, I found out that my scene was cut down to just a second or two.

Damn, man..... they moved it to after Dillinger gets shot in the head and falls to the ground, at this point I am just keeping the crowd back from the crime scene. I'm on the screen for maybe a second and a half. That's showbiz...

But I still have hope for the directors cut that will be out this fall that some of the deleted scenes of me will make it in..

All in all, I had a great time on the set, met a lot of great people.


Adding more stuff, check back soon...

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